"I believe there is purity in each moment. This purity lasts one second. It is like the moment when two persons meet for the first time. This most innocent second before they become lovers. Humans, potential lovers, seen as performers find a fertile center of madness within themselves. This second is what I want to capture in my pictures. Our bodies, depicted in everyday situations and in their most intimate moments. Nudity and eroticism, nothing to distract it. No need for a scenario, scenery or costumes. A continuous research on the human body and psychology where sexuality is transformed and gender disappears, the ego is decreated. The reality of the reals and the possibilities of expressing sublime meta-realities. Through and beyond the reality that we all can see."

Greg Haji Joannides has developed his own personal technique, photoshooting in high exposure, while playing with the camera settings in order to reach the desired outcome during the shooting process. This way he avoids using programs like photoshop, keeping himself away from any artificial means or distractions. The artist works for the first time on performances as an act of the body. Through his installations, he is working with the separate elements of sound and image as he is intrigued by these two functions of his camera.

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